1.      Candidates may check their allotted dates for the test on the site or at

2.      The candidate must report at



on allotted date at sharp 9:00a.m. in complete grooming and uniform standards as specified under.

3.      The candidate must carry a proof of Date of Birth in original and a copy of the same to be self attested and submitted.

4.      They must carry their Aadhaar Card in original for verification and a copy of the same is to be submitted.

5.      The candidates also must carry a copy of passport size photograph for admit card.

6.      The candidates can go through the Test Project format on the websites of or

7.      The task will be on the guidelines in the test project BUT NOT THE SAME.


Section – E

E. Instructions for candidates


1. The candidate must wear a clean Chef’s jacket & trousers OR clean cotton clothing (not loose fitted) covering full body.

2. The head must be covered with a Chef’s hat / disposable net cap (available at venue too).

3. A cotton apron covering the front part of the body.

4. Safe non-slippery shoes covering full feet.

5. No visible jewellery is to be worn.

6. Cuts and open bruises on hands must be bandaged properly.


Participants should be clean and showered with good personal hygiene. Gentlemen should either be clean shaven or the ones with beards must wear a beard net. Clipped nails with no nail paints are essential. Ladies must wear their hair well tied preferably in a bun. 

STANDARD TOOL KIT: (candidates are required to bring)

1.    Appropriate cutting, preparing and shaping tools can be used. (knives and tools must be stainless steel made)

2.    Gas lighter (domestic style): 1 no.

3.    Cotton kitchen duster: 2 no.

4.    Pocket hand sanitizer: 1 no.

5.    A blue pen for indenting

General Rules

1.    The candidates are required to adhere to all safety and hygiene standards during testing at allotted area of work.

2.    Students are required to work on the allotted station/table only.

3.    Experts will help you in availing raw material for the test, and no technical help will be provided by experts.

4.    The candidates will not throw any of the food material in the dustbin without prior information. The wastage is to be kept in the discard tray at the work station.

5.    No ingredient from out of the work area is permitted. Only those ingredients available in list provided at the test area are to be used.

6.    The candidates will leave the work station and infrastructure provided clean after the task.



Section – F

F. Health, Safety and Environment

1.    All accredited participants and supporting volunteers will abide by rules and regulations with regards to Health, Safety, and Environment of Competition venue.


2.    All participants, technicians and supporting staff will wear the required protective personnel clothing.


3.    All participants will assume liability for all risks of injury and damage to property, loss of property, which might be associated with or without results, from participation in the event. The Organizers will not be liable for any damage. However in case of injury, the competitor will immediately inform the organizers for medical attention.