In response to the call given by the Hon’ble prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan was launched at Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, Sector 42D, Chandigarh by the Principal, Mrs. Bharti Tyagi and an enthusiastic bunch of faculty members and staff on the auspicious day -Gandhi Jayanti 2nd October, 2014 from 09:45 am onwards.

A week prior to the launch a massive awareness drive was undertaken through posters, social networking sites and word of mouth in the Institute. To reach out to the Community, a list of activities which were intended to carry out in the week was prepared. Poster making competition and Flower arrangement competition were held in the college during World Tourism Week to promote awareness among students regarding cleanliness and its significance. Rag Picking Initiative by the students in the shops and markets near the college was also done.

A day before the launch, committee was constituted to thoroughly inspect the Institute Building, Hostel premises, Mid-day meal complex, outside lawn, parking and its surrounding areas. The committee visited every corner of the buildings including various laboratories, class rooms, terrace, toilet, stairs, store, basement, hostel mess, student rooms, etc. The inspection nearly took 4 hours to visit all the corners of the campus. The committee explored vulnerable areas so that extra care may be taken from now onwards by the every members of the Institute to keep campus hygienically clean and also decided the areas to be cleaned the next day. Nearly 5 teams of faculty, staff members and students were formed to clean different areas of the premises.

On 2nd October 2014, as part of the Swach Bharat Abhiyaan, a shapath taking ceremony was conducted in the college auditorium at 9:45 am. All the faculty and staff members took voluntary oath and resolved to maintain cleanliness of the Institute campus and its surrounding area on day to day basis. It was decided to have such kind of “Shram Daan “on regular basis so as to make campus neat and clean.

After the pledge, the teams were assigned the areas to be cleaned by the committee and the required cleaning equipment and cleaning agents were provided. All the staff and faculty members were excited for the task and they personally cleaned every nook and corner of the Institute. Special attention went into ensuring cleanliness of areas like the lobby, parking area, porche, Institute lawns, dining hall and the departments. Deep cleaning tasks were undertaken in the guest room, kitchen labs and corridor areas of the institute. Tasks such as thorough cleaning of glass windows, polishing of wooden furniture, cleaning of gas ranges, polishing of brass utensils, scrubbing of wall tiles etc were performed.  All areas were duly covered and the best practices were followed for cleaning.

“Being a premier hospitality management Institute, it is all the more of our  responsibility and priority to make sure that we set examples for other Institutions, colleges and schools  in terms of maintaining and offering  a clean and hygienic environment to all the stakeholders”, said Principal of the Institute. A sense of pride and belongingness were seen amongst the team members as they carried brooms, mops and dusters and actively participated with zeal and enthusiasm for a cause.

The cleanliness drive will be not a one day affair but will be carried forward in future. Further impetus for the drive will be provided through the following actions:


·         Thought provoking discussions

·         Special talks and Guest lectures

·     Special sensitisation drives by the Institute in markets, colonies and other public places for creating awareness amongst community on the importance of cleanliness and hygiene.

·         Organising extempore, slogan writing activities on the necessity of keeping our surroundings clean.

   As part of the Corporate Social Responsibility, the Institute is already engaged in the “Greening” of the campus where every year hundreds of saplings are planted with active participation of students. Further, the Institute is already maintaining a roundabout near the college with active participation of students and staff members which has received admiration from all.

The Institute does not intend to let the campaign lapse once this drive is over. It is being planned to introduce rewards for those who display a sense of civic responsibility within the college and take initiative to carry out on a regular basis sensitising programmes and drives for cleanliness in our area.