Golden Opportunity for Certification of Skill Hospitality Craftsmen



          Ministry of Tourism, Government of India is pleased to announce Skill Certification Scheme for Cooks and Waiters from the hospitality industry who have been practicing their art for years without formal education and certification of their expertise.


            Dr. Ambedkar, Institute of Hotel Management & National Council for Hotel Management & Catering Technology, under the Ministry of Tourism would jointly run the scheme.


            Brief components of the scheme:

1.         Title:                            Ministry of Tourism – National Hospitality Skill Certificate.


2.         Field/Trades:              Practicing service providers both in formal and informal sectors

in two categories of:

i) Cooks           ii) Waiters.


3.         Eligibility:                    Those working in an eating establishment including hotels,

restaurants, dhabas, canteens, guesthouses, clubs etc.


4.         Age:                             No upper age limit but must be holding employment in the above

referred trades.


5.         Method of

            Certification:               Participants will undergo 5-day orientation at the Institute

followed by skill and oral test on the 6th day. Participants can

exercise option of testing at three Grades from I (higher) to III

(basic) based on intensity, competence and experience.


6.         Fee:                              There is no course fee. However the Institute shall pay each

participant @ Rs. 200 per day during the orientation period & also

the day of testing for a maximum of 6 days to offset the wage loss. 



            The objective of the Skill Certification Scheme is to recognize contribution of the service providers who have been deployed in the service sector referred above. This recognition would help such experienced service providers in finding mobility within their trade. For further details please contact Principal, Dr. Ambedkar, Institute of Hotel Management, Sector 42-D, Chandigarh.